No industrial or commercial project is complete without internal fittings and finishes. At BM Construction we have a wide array of standard and custom products for any project that we undertake. We provide high quality industrial and commercial floor finishes, wall and partition finishes, ceilings, glazing, windows and doors, preengineered staircases and balustrades, internal fences and the like. We have electrical and mechanical contractors who can install any type of plumbing, electrical fittings, sewage disposal, air conditioning and HVAC systems. We pride our selves in the quality of our delivery. Every product is closely scrutinized to conform with agreed standards. Every product or system is installed or applied professionally.


The company has a prototyping and testing shop where we check and test all our products before use. The same space is used for training installers and contractors before going on to your project. You can be assured that all your internal fittings and finishes are done with the care and attention to detail necessary to make them useful and operate at their optimum.