Our construction and installation teams are trained and tested in both trade aptitude and safety practice before acceptance to work on company sites. We have registered experienced riggers, welders and fabricators, masons, special installers and fitters. We are able to install not only our own products but structures from other manufacturers. Our teams are backed by modern tools and equipment that helps us to achieve our goals quicker and easier. We pride ourselves in the fact that there have been very few and minor accidents over all our years of operation due to the high safety awareness by all site operatives.


Good team constitution, constant training, effective team leadership and seamless team work, clear step-by-step elaborate drawings and instructions for work, strict supervision and sign-offs for every process and the adherence to standards, method statements and specifications. All this effort allows safe and efficient construction. Our planning systems allow high quality documentation of all installation and construction processes. Our site engineers are well-briefed on the total requirements of your project and specific details to allow a full understanding of what has to be achieved.