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This position entails two main duties: Design and Engineering and projects and operations management.

For the Design and Engineering role, he/she will manage all the processes in relation to producing a set of documentation including drawings from which a building or structure can be built. He / She is supposed to possess the organization skills required to bring together in-house Assistant Design Engineers, Architects and Structural Engineers along with other specialist Engineers with the aim of producing a coordinated effort which yield excellent results.

In general, the Engineering department is responsible for the planning of projects. This includes conducting surveys, engaging in research, analyzing results, planning the construction and supporting all technical issues during the life of the project.

Again, his/her role as Projects and Operations Manager is to oversee several projects simultaneously. The job entails working hand-in-hand with project managers to ensure that there is efficient allocation of resources. He/she must meet project budgets through assessing and analyzing operational and financial risks that may be encountered in the execution of planned construction projects. The Operations Manager then advises fellow senior management in making decisions that are commercially viable.

His/her role also entails making sure that clients’ works are allocated to project managers in an appropriate manner and are prioritized based on how urgent they are, and also based on the needs of the client.

The Operations Manager will take charge of the designing and execution of construction strategies upon which the completion of different projects will be based.

In carrying out his/her duties, he/she will perform the following: Project Management, Planning, Scheduling, Progress monitoring, Costing, Claims and Contracts Management.

The Finance Manager is responsible for the financial health of the company by monitoring financial performance, producing financial reports and developing and implementing financial strategies. He/she shall provide support to and work closely with senior management, through information analyses (e.g. current processes, actual performance vs. budget and prior year, budget, etc.), and preparation of operational data/analyses for publication to various departments throughout the company. Primary responsibilities will include assisting business units, departments and project heads in monthly operations review, identification of areas for cost reductions and operational improvements, annual budget process, periodic forecasting, and periodic analysis of operations performance.

The Finance Manager will lead and develop the team for the finance and account department. This position requires the development, implementation and enforcement of systems and protocols to maximize and strengthen the internal capacity of the organization. One fundamental role of this position is to apply the right mix of finance to ensure smooth cash flow for operations.

The Design Engineers will be responsible for carrying out the primary duties of design, research, prototyping, engineering documentation, estimating and process improvement. 

He/she will collaborate with the design team on design projects and make designs that are safe to use and cost effective.

One central duty of all design engineers is to constantly advance, review and update the methods and procedures in the design and engineering manual.

The Civil/Structural Engineer is responsible for designing structures and enforcing standards during construction so that it can meet the specific purpose, and remain safe, economic and functioning throughout its intended lifetime. He is responsible for investigating both the immediate loads and demands on the structure, as well as any likely future changes, and ensuring that the structure is designed to withstand those loads.

At BM Construction, we expect the Architect to perform all phases of architectural work including planning, designing and overseeing the construction of works to high standards. To do this he / she will use the design brief to identify clients’ needs, put together feasibility reports, design proposals and then develop the architecture in line with client’s needs, building’s usage, standards and environmental considerations.

The Architect must use his/her specialist knowledge in construction and high level modelling skills to design buildings that are functional, safe, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.

This includes new building designs, extensions, alterations and restorations from the earliest stages right through to completion. The goal is to match client’s needs and produce sustainable, functional and aesthetically pleasing designs. The architect will control projects from start to finish to ensure high quality, innovative and functional designs. 

The Site Engineer is responsible for the planning, co-ordination and supervision of the technical aspects of the construction work on site. His/her main responsibilities include; solving technical challenges, providing advice to senior management and supervising staff.

The Site Engineer is the highest ranked personnel on the project site. He/she therefore combines the technical aspect of his work with full management duties on the site. He will also make sure that projects are completed on time, fall within budget and meet high quality standards.

The Procurement Manager is in charge of managing and coordinating the simplest to the most complex purchases for the company. He/she shall work with the Operations Department in the area of technical specifications and the Finance Department on the commercial aspects of the procurement.

The Procurement Manager’s responsibilities include strategizing to find cost-effective deals and suppliers. The Procurement Manager’s duty is to discover the best ways to cut down procurement expenses, so that the company can invest in other areas such as growth and people (employees).

He/she has to use his/her expertise and negotiation skills to meet with suppliers and vendors and work out contract terms.

The procurement manager’s job description includes: taking ownership of the total process of evaluating suppliers, conducting interviews with vendors, negotiating supplier agreements and managing supplier and vendor contracts.

He/she is supposed to constantly monitor what the company purchases, delivers and spends to determine if goods are defective or not meeting performance demands. He/she is also to work with the HR and Administrative Manager in hiring new staff for the unit and to provide product-specific training to prepare new employees for their roles.

Being confident and a good negotiator is an important skill needed to be able to perform creditably in this position.

The Human Resource and Administrative Manager is primarily responsible for the efficient running of the Human Resource Department to provide the company with “STRUCTURE AND THE ABILITY TO MEET BUSINESS NEEDS THROUGH MANAGING THE COMPANY’S MOST VALUABLE RESOURCES – ITS EMPLOYEES”.

The Human Resource and Administrative Manager is responsible for recruiting employees, maintaining employee records and managing the performance of employees.

In addition, it is his/her duty to facilitate the training and development of employees as well as to manage employee compensation and benefits.

He/she shall take ownership of employee relations and ensure compliance and implementation of all Human Resource and Administrative policies and procedures.

The Administrative Management role means planning and coordinating administrative procedures and systems and devising ways to streamline processes. The goal is to ensure all support activities are carried out efficiently and effectively to allow other operations to function properly.

The Accounts Manager shall supervise, track and evaluate day to day activities of the Accounts office/department.

The office is created for implementing the systems for collecting, analyzing, verifying and reporting financial information. The position works closely with the Finance and Accounts Manager and is responsible for leading and managing all Accounts office staff: The Assistant Accounts Manager and the Accounts Assistants. The Accounts Manager is responsible for managing the accounts of all projects the company is handling at any given time.

The Quantity Surveyor would provide commercial support to project teams, maintain commercial information and ensure compliance with contractual requirement. He will liaise with client’s representatives and other third parties on commercial issues including agreement of variations, claims and any additional payment. The Quantity surveyor would be a primary project liaison for BM Construction and the client representatives and other third parties.

A Geomatics Engineer or land surveyor measures, maps, assesses, collects and interpret dimensional data about a specific piece of land or structure using a variety of specialist equipment and technology. He/she supplies such data in the appropriate format to other wings of the business where they may be needed.

The Logistics Maintenance and Property Manager is a key Junior management position that oversees warehousing, inventory control, material handling, plant and machinery installation and management, transportation and planning.

He/she assigns workers’ schedules in conjunction with site engineers and assistant site engineers on project sites and assigned premises.

He/ She manages all assets of the business by ensuring proper use, maintenance and repair of company properties. The Logistics, Maintenance and Property Manager is responsible for overseeing maintenance efforts across the organization and the management of maintenance activities for the upkeep of the company’s buildings, structures, vehicles and internal office and operations work areas.

All these have to be done in a timely manner to reduce losses. Communication, coordination and good judgement are the integral skills required for this position.

The Assistant Design Engineer will be responsible for assisting the Design Engineer in carrying out the primary duties of design, research, prototyping, engineering documentation and process improvement.

One core role of the Assistant Design Engineer is to take charge of prototyping and managing the Tool and Prototype Shop.

He/she will collaborate with the design team on design projects and make designs which are safe to use and cost effective.

All Assistant Design Engineers are responsible for constantly advancing, reviewing and updating the methods and procedures in the design and engineering manual.

The Assistant Logistics, Maintenance and Property Manager is a key Senior Staff position that assists the Logistics, Maintenance and Property Manager in overseeing warehousing, inventory control, material handling, Plant and Machinery installation and management, transportation and planning.

He/she is also in charge of the assignment of workers and individual contractors’ schedules in conjunction with Site Engineers and Assistant Site Engineers on project sites and assigned premises.

He/ She will assist in the management of all assets of the business by ensuring proper use, maintenance and repair of company property.

The Assistant Logistics, Maintenance and Property Manager is responsible for carrying out maintenance across the organization for the upkeep of the company’s buildings, structures, vehicles, internal office and operations work areas.

All these have to be done in a timely manner to eliminate losses and reduce downtime. Communication, coordination and good judgement form part of the integral skills required for this role.

The role of the Network Systems and IT Manager is to design, implement, monitor and manage the local and wide area networks of the company to ensure maximum uptime for users.

He/she is responsible for installing and maintaining the company’s computer networks, training employees on first hand troubleshooting and computer systems maintenance.

He/she shall provide technical support including: designing system configurations, documenting and managing the installation of a new network, and maintaining and upgrading existing systems as and when necessary.

The Network Systems and IT Manager will work on the in-house designing and implementation of new network solutions and/or improvement of the efficiency of current networks which include: Installing, configuring and supporting network equipment such as routers, proxy servers, switches, WAN accelerators, DNS and DHCP.

The Office of the Network Systems and IT Manager shall be depository of the company hardware storage replacements and software.

He shall constantly educate himself on the basic understanding of the corporate software; SAP, ERP, HR Software and Engineering and Design software.

The Assistant Accounts Manager shall deputize the Accounts Manager to supervise, track and evaluate day to day activities of the Account office/department. The position works closely with the Accounts Manager and shall assist the Accounts Manager in leading and managing all Accounts office staff.

One important role for this position is to train Accounts Assistants.

The role of the Personal Assistant (PA) to the Directors is to carry out all tasks and responsibilities in the respective Director’s office, leaving the Director to handle only responsibilities that cannot be handled by any other person in the organization other than the Technical Director or the Managing Director.

The PA’s job typically includes acting as the first point of contact; dealing with correspondence (physical mail and email) and phone calls, booking and arranging travel, transport and accommodation, organizing events in conferences and controlling access to the Director both internal (employees) and external.

He/she shall manage the Director’s diary, collate and submit the Director’s expenditure to the accounts office and organize meetings and appointments.

The PA shall keep the Director’s office tidy, furnished with all relevant consumables and items for work and carry out research for the Director.

The role includes writing meeting agenda and drafting minutes during meetings and conferences, collecting and managing the “to do list” and managing the Director’s official social media accounts.

His/her duties also include tasks outside the office premises such as handling personal errands (making doctor’s appointments, dropping off and serving as a personal shopper).

The primary responsibility of the Graphic Design Artist is to provide creative support to the company through artwork by developing graphics which are good enough to capture the attention of viewers and to communicate the right message.

He/she shall be responsible for the entire process of defining the requirements of an artwork, visualizing and creating graphics such as illustrations, letterheads, logos, layouts and photos. He/she shall be in charge of the development and execution of compelling visual presentations to inspire and attract the company’s target market through its websites, brochures, complimentary cards and other documents.                                                                                                    He/she shall work closely with the Technical and Communications Manager and the Marketing team and shall provide creative assistance to other departments as and when necessary.                                            Having a creative flair, a strong ability to translate requirements into design, knowledge in corporate branding, professional approach to time, cost and deadlines, as well as up-to-date knowledge on industry software, are key requirements for this position.

The Technical and Communications Manager’s primary responsibility is to be a bridge between the technical/engineering part of the business and the marketing/sales department of the business.

He/she is also responsible for collecting photographic information for the engineering and projects management part of the business.

The Technical Communications Manager’s role comprise the capturing of the sight and sounds of the business’ activities.

The position is essential to the Marketing and Sales department since it will help on the production of materials for marketing and publicity purposes.

The Sales Engineer’s core duty is to perform person to person marketing to selected or targeted groups, supervise marketing and sales assistants and assist in the general marketing and selling of company’s products and services to meet sales/marketing targets.

He/she will be responsible for corporate and field marketing, generating viable leads, responding to clients’ enquiries and developing working relationship with them.

The Sales Engineer will also be responsible for executing and assisting in the management of sales strategies.

The Sales Engineer shall be well versed in all goods and services of the company. He/she must also be knowledgeable in the general execution of work and the required resources necessary for serving clients. He/she shall continue to be the first point of communication during the execution and post contract stages in business with the client by providing essential information and comfort to the client.

The Health, Safety and Environmental Officer’s main aim is to prevent accidents, injuries and work related illnesses in the workplace.

His/her role is to create and implement health and safety policies put together in a manual in accordance with the latest legislation and to ensure that these policies are implemented by management and the employees.

The Health, Safety and Environmental officer is the prime developer and enforcer of the health and safety manual. In doing his/her work, the Health and Safety Officer is responsible for the proper training of all workers on the contents of the health and safety manual.

The Stores Manager will take charge of all the day to day operations of the stores by ensuring that the stores support all departments, business units and project sites in the timely supply of materials, tools and equipment. He/she shall make sure that all health and safety regulations at the stores are adhered to. The Stores Manager will endorse the receipts and authorize the requisition and issuance of all materials, tools and equipment from the stores and into the stores.

He/she will liaise with Port clearing agents and contractors and manage all shipping and goods clearing procedures from the port.

He/she is responsible for leading, coaching and training the employees at the stores.

The Assistant Quantity Surveyor assists the Quantity Surveyor in costing building projects at all stages from planning to completion.

He/she performs all assignments required by the Quantity Surveyor for the completion of his/her work.

The Clerk of Works assists in the delivery of construction projects by ensuring that site operations and construction works comply with relevant contract documents, requirements standard and all current legislation.

He/she is considered as the quality control and approval person on the site for both company operations and that of subcontractors.

It is his/her responsibility to make sure that construction projects are delivered to specification, on time and according to the set budget for the project.

The role of the Administrative & Logistics Assistant is to provide a combination of administrative assistance and logistics support directly to the Operations & Projects department, the Marketing, Sales and Publicity department, Finance department, the Personal Assistants to the Directors, the General Manager and Directors.

The Administrative & Logistics Assistant will support the logistics and maintenance of the operations of the business; including in-country purchasing, the repair of company property and the maintenance of the business premises and client site.

This is one of the most fluid and mobile general staff positions.  An Administrative & Logistics Assistant may be assigned to a particular Senior Management Office or a Director’s Office.

The role of the Technical & Logistics Assistant is a combination of administrative assistance and technical support directly to the Design and Engineering department and the Project and Operations department.

The position supports any other senior or management staff across the business as will be directed by his/her superior.

The Technical and Logistics Assistant will support the logistics and maintenance of the operations of the business including in-country purchasing, the repair of company property and the maintenance of the business’ premises and client site.

The position requires a person with wide knowledge of technical work, tools and equipment of the trade and significant experience in the technical operations of the business.

A Site Foreman would be the keystone on site and would supervise all work on site, making sure that work is coordinated properly and carried out as they should be according to set standards, specifications and by instructions and drawings supplied.

He/she shall directly be involved in work, help the workers directly and make sure that the work is performed safely and on time.

The primary responsibility of the Human Resource and Administrative Assistant is to assist the Human Resource and Administrative Manager to run the department effectively.

He/she will be responsible for collecting attendance reports, managing documents of employees (both soft and hard copies) to senior staff level and assisting the Human Resource Manager in recruitment and maintenance of employees and contractors.

He /she must be very knowledgeable of the company’s HR manual, with full understanding of all HR procedures and policies.

One important quality the position requires is confidentiality and discretion at all times and under all circumstances. Proficiency in the use of the company Human Resource (HR) software is key.

The Accounts Assistant will assist the Accounts Manager and the Assistant Accounts Manager in recording, reporting and managing company accounts and finances.

In doing this, the Accounts Assistant will directly help with daily tasks, keying in data on company software, compiling information for superiors but leaving final analysis audit and approval to the managers in the department. He/she will be required to provide administrative support to the department.

The Stores Keeper is the “bolts and nuts” personnel responsible for maintaining records, generating orders for inventory that fall below set minimum figures and receiving and issuing items and goods. T

The Store Keeper must keep the stores and outside yard tidy, clean and safe at all time.

He/she must be knowledgeable about the inventory in the store, or where ever they may be and be able to inspect and keep all inventory safe from any kind of loss.

The Security Guard is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of all persons and property within and immediately outside the business premises. He/she must maintain a high visibility presence and prevent all illegal or inappropriate actions. He/she is responsible for receiving and sending documents between the business premises and/or work site through the Logistics Assistants.

He must keep proper records of all visitors, Employees and Contractors who go in and out of the designated premises and keep accurate records of attendance for the allocated sites.

The Maintenance personnel is responsible for performing many varied duties which includes installing, troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining the company’s electrical, production, mechanical equipment and machinery, the electrical fixtures and fittings in the offices and company’s work site.

His/her responsibility is to carry out predictive maintenance to support the accomplishment of tasks on all sites. Repair works may be done outside at a specialist repair shop, but the electrical and maintenance assistant shall be responsible for coordinating such exercises.

Equipment narratives must be enforced from the maintenance office. Whiles performing the duty of this job, the employee is regularly required to talk and hear. The use of protective gear is paramount.

The position is a very active one and requires standing, walking, bending, kneeling, stooping, crouching, crawling and climbing a lot of the times. The employee must frequently move or lift items over 30kg. Good eye sight is a very important requirement for this job .

It is the responsibility of the grounds keeper to ensure the cleanliness of the office premises and its surrounding environments as well as making sure the workspaces and washrooms are properly maintained throughout the working day.

This will be achieved through the performance of a variety of functions including but not limited to sweeping, dusting, mopping and emptying trash cans. Due to the various roles that the grounds keeper is expected to play, the ideal person must be physically fit, ready to learn and submit to authority.

The Prototype Shop Technician works with the Design Engineering office to develop prototypes, perform tests and build physical models and samples. He/she will perform all fabrications, machining and assembling of models in the tool and prototype shop. He/she is responsible for maintaining a safe working environment and adhering to safe work practices at the workshop.

The Driver/Mechanic is the central person responsible for keeping company vehicle(s) well maintained and in a good usable condition at all times. The Driver/Mechanic’s chief role is to run strict routine maintenance programs on all company vehicles to ensure that they remain efficient, safe to use and ready for duty at all times.

He/she may also be tasked with critical driving assignments such as transporting staff over long distances in a safe, comfortable and timely manner.