Steel Building Construction FAQs

Question 1: Is it possible to dismantle the building and rebuild at
another place? What will be the cost of new and reassembled building?

Answer: Yes, since the building is site assembled by bolting, it
is possible to dismantle and rebuild at a new location. The cost benefits have
to be worked out on a case-by-case basis which would depend on size, complexity
and distance at new location.


Question 2: What materials do you use for your typical steel building

Answer: Our main cladding materials are profiled single sheet
Chromadek sheets and insulated chromadeck, but any other panelized cladding
material can be used depending on the functional and architectural needs. Most
of the time the lower cladding may be block wall and the upper may be panels.


Question 3: How do you quote your rates? What is the mode of payment?

Answer: We do not quote unit rates, BM Construction will design
and price the building and sign the contract based on fixed lump sum price. The
mode of payment specified on our contract with the client.


Question 4: Do you combine concrete and steel systems?

Answer: Yes, we combine various systems per the project
requirements. A typical industrial or commercial building has both concrete and
steel components.


Question 5: Can BM Construction provide portable type units for field
offices, stores and small workshops?

Answer: As our systems are assembled at the site by bolting, the
units can be dismantled and shifted to new locations and reassembled. PEB
systems can also provide small portable units, which can be transported in
trucks in one piece from place to place.


Question 6: Do you import the steel components of your buildings?

Answer: Yes, unfortunately there is no steel production in Ghana
at the moment so all the steel we use is imported.


Question 7: Are your connections site bolted or welded?

Answer: All field connections are bolted. There is absolutely no
site welding required. This is one of the major advantages with PEB systems,
which considerably reduces the time for site erection. Welding can only be
considered if there are changes by the client later at the installation stage
of the project but this is avoided as much as possible as this process is
difficult and expensive.


Question 8: What grades of steel do you use?

Answer: We use high quality steel profiles from certified
suppliers. The grades depend mostly on the project requirements and design
specifications. Details of the steel used in our construction can be found in
our material specification sheets.


Question 9: How much is the saving in foundation construction?

Answer: The saving would be basically due to a smaller number of
column foundations due to large spans and bay spacing. Reduction in column
reactions due to less dead load of steel also plays a vital role. It is not
possible to quantify the cost savings as it would vary by type of project. Due
to lower weight, we estimate savings to be at least 15%.


Question 10: Where are your projects, can I visit any?

Answer: We have many projects spread across the nation. We are
happy to take you round for inspection at a short notice. The past projects
section of this website will give you some idea of the number and scale of our
work. there are also GPS data for each location for your own visits.


Question 11: Do you provide end-to-end building solutions?

Answer: BM Construction can supply the complete steel portion
including standard accessories. Accessories that are not supplied by BM
Construction can be supplied as buy outs (E.g. windows, doors etc.) and be
included in the scope of supply. For mezzanine floors, BM Construction will be
providing the steel framing and steel deck to receive concrete on site.
pre-cast concrete panels and floors can also be used.


Question 12: Can you supply me steel as well for my own project?

Answer: Generally, we don’t but if we have significant excess of
materials we may be able to supply it to you at market prices


Question 13: Are BM Construction steel buildings suitable for all
weather conditions?

Answer: Yes, BM Construction can supplies buildings for any
weather condition, including low temperatures and high temperatures, high
humidity, proximity to sea, heavy rainfall, cyclone, high wind speeds, seismic
loads, etc. based on the ambient conditions at the site and building usage.


Question 14: Can you build in only steel?

Answer: Yes, we can even though this is not the most economic or
the best approach. Except where the client specifies steel only, we generally
build with a combination of all available building materials including steel
where it fits best.


Question 15: What is the main difference between conventional
hot-rolled steel construction and PEB (Pre-Engineered Building) system of

Answer: Key differences are: In PEB system the complete steel
building package is delivered to site from a single supplier as a fully
finished product. This includes the structural steel, cladding system and
building accessories. Site erection is fast and simple – just bolting together
the various building components as per the erection drawings provided. No site
fabrication or welding is involved. Due to this, quality is far more superior
and a large chunk of time is saved in comparison to conventional steel
construction methods. PEB system is highly efficient in design due to synergy
between building components. Primary members are made of tapered built-up
sections and roof/wall secondary members from cold rolled sections designed as
continuous beams. High strength steel is used and all structural elements are
fully optimized by the proprietary computerized design program. This leads to
significant reduction in dead load reactions to foundations.


Question 16: Do you have standard factory or warehouse designs with
their respective floor areas and cost?

Answer: Yes, these are the most cost-effective buildings which can
also be deployed quickest even though most of what we do is customized for the
purpose of the of the project.


Question 17: is it possible to have concrete wall as exterior
skin/interior partition as in the case of residential buildings – between
structural steel members?

Answer: Yes, concrete walls can be tied to PEB systems steel
columns with ties for lateral support. In such cases, BM Construction will
design the structure with low horizontal deflections to prevent cracking of
concrete or block walls. Sometimes consultants will detail the concrete wall to
be isolated from the steel structure, which allows optimization of steel
building and lower cost. When required, BM Construction can also provide beams
to support concrete walls above openings etc. and will follow the requirements
of the architectural drawings on any project.


Question 18: Do you have a warranty for your structures?

Answer: Yes, we do. Standard one-year defects liability period applies
for all our projects where we fix problems without any extra cost to the client
for problems that are because of defective materials or workmanship of the
original works.


Question 19: Please explain compatibility to fire resistance
requirements of a main structural frames, covering etc.

Answer: Fire resistance on steel structure can be achieved by
enclosing the steel with a fire protection system. This can be done by spraying
fire resistant coating on steel members or enclosing the steel with gypsum
board as per country approved standards.


Question 20: Do you work in traditional concrete and cement block only?

Answer: Yes, we only apply steel when it is of an advantage to the
project and cost.


Question 21: Will you provide design details before supplying/erecting
your structures?

Answer: Yes, if requested by the client.


Question 22: Do you have a production facility in Ghana?

Answer: No, we have a yard for storage of excess materials and
where we may handle post delivery changes but it is not meant for production.


Question 23: How long does it take to receive a pre-engineered steel
building once it’s ordered?

Answer: Typically, your building package will be delivered to the
site within 8-12 weeks of the order date. In general, the less complex the
building design is, the faster you will receive the package.


Question 24: How long does it take to erect a steel building?

Answer: Pre-engineered buildings are designed to go up quite fast.
The average building size is about 1000m square, which would take roughly four
weeks to erect, this may however change depending on complexity, work
conditions and other factors.


Question 25: What sort of information do I need to provide for my

Answer: Usually the architectural plans are enough but any further
planning that has been done by a building professional is additional help. You
can simply send all the information you have to us directly through this
website. If, however you only have the idea, you are still welcome to visit us.
Our team of professionals will walk you step by step to capture your idea and
be able to provide you with some level of precontract information and estimate
cost at no cost at all.


Question 26: What is included in my quote for one of your
pre-engineered steel buildings?

Answer: Quotes for pre-engineered steel building include all of
the necessary materials and pieces to erect them: framing, sheeting, bolts,
screws, man doors, windows and insulation if necessary. Our quotations will list
all the components


Question 27: Do you work on day work rates?

Answer: a few projects lean more towards a day work rate, purely
due to the type of work it is, this is usually items that are unspecified, or
largely un-known how long tasks may take. This method could workout cheaper for
the client.


Question 28: What codes does my pre-engineered steel building have to

Answer: Your pre-engineered steel building must be designed to
meet the environmental factors of the geographical area you are building in. BM
Construction will supply you with the building codes and regulation used.


Question 29: Are you a main contractor or do you work for larger
companies on their projects?

Answer: BM Construction is the main contractor on its projects, we
have all the necessary certification for the works we undertake. We have the
ability to manage every part of our project.


Question 30: Where does BM Construction operate?

Answer: BM Construction operates all over Africa


Question 31: Does BM Construction provide warranty for its work?

Answer: Yes. BM Construction offer a one-year warranty, details of
our warranty are included in our standard contract documents with the client.


Question 32: Do you supply pre-engineered steel buildings components
only so I can erect it myself?

Answer: Yes, we’re happy to design and deliver building packages
that’ll meet your local building codes and regulations. We will also supply
erecting drawing and advise so you can install it yourself.


General Construction FAQs

Question 1: What types of construction projects does your
general construction company build?

Answer: BM Construction
offers services as a general contractor for commercial and industrial clients
throughout Ghana and west Africa. But we can do any type of construction as
well, large and small, including Schools, Metal Buildings, Banks, Churches, and
just about anything that you can think of.


Question 2: Are you able to furnish all internal fitting of
your projects, including the equipment?

Answer: Yes, this is our
specialty. We have relationships with s host of experienced industrial and
commercial equipment suppliers who can supply anything your project may need to
the finest detail. You can sit back with the assurance that your specifications
are being met.


Question 3: What should be my first step if I am interested
in beginning construction on a new building?

Answer: When you are considering
a new construction, we recommend contacting BM Construction as soon as possible
during the initial design stages of your project. The earlier we get involved
in your construction project, the better. We can control variables like costs
and the projected time frame of your project. During an initial planning
meeting with BM Construction, we will discuss lender options where feasible and
allocate one of our architects that best fit your needs.


Question 4: What size of construction project can BM
Construction manage?

Answer: At BM
Construction, we can handle any size construction, from simple projects to
large institutional construction projects.  We will bring the same
top-notch quality and craftsmanship that we provide in each project we complete.
To see more about our construction company’s record of providing superior
customer service and outstanding customer satisfaction, view our Testimonials


Question 5: Is BM Construction a residential or commercial

Answer: BM Construction
is primarily a commercial and industrial construction company offering superior
construction and construction management services to customers throughout Ghana
and West Africa. In addition, we do also provide limited residential
construction and other work.


Question 6: Does BM Construction offer Design/Build
construction services?

Answer: Yes. As a
construction company for commercial and industrial construction projects, we
offer design/build construction. With this approach to construction, we can
offer superior cost and scheduling control for your project. We have architects
and engineers inhouse who design and engineer your
project to the finest quality. During the construction phase, we will manage
your project keeping your interests and goals as a top priority. If you are
looking for a design / build company that you can trust to provide you with a
complete project from design to handing the key over, contact our experienced
staff at BM Construction.


Question 7: I need an improvement done on a commercial
building and am not sure how to go about it, can you help in this process?

Answer: Yes. We can sit
down with you and explain the steps and procedures for accomplishing your
improvements. We can develop budgets, plans, schedules, etc. We can take your
project from an idea to a turn-key finished project.


Question 8: I want to tackle my own remodel project but may
need some professional help what are your thoughts?

Answer: Performing your
own remodeling project can be quite rewarding but can
also present with some challenges. We can offer consulting and/or select phase
performance for a particular task that you may not want to tackle yourself.


Question 9: What types of construction does your company
focus on?

Answer: We primarily
focus on industrial and commercial projects be they public or privately funded.


Question 10: How long does it normally take to receive an

Answer: Estimates are
normally received by our customers within 5 to 10 business days. There are some
cases that may allow the estimate to be supplied a little sooner or later
depending on the type of job requested.


Question 11: How do BM Construction’s estimate’s compare to
the rest of the industry?

Answer: Our estimates
are very competitive when compared to the rest of the industry. Our estimates
are given to you in a Fast, Fair and Free manner. We are certain that some
company may offer to do the job a little cheaper than we could. We do not worry
because we know how many of those other companies cut corners where we do not.
Our jobs are done in a step by step complete manner with no quality sacrificing
short cuts ever taken.


Question 12: As a customer, how long after I agree to an
estimate will BM Construction start my project?

Answer: We normally like
to start our jobs as soon as logistically possible after we go into contract
with our clients and the initial payments have been satisfied. As with every
job, there are timing, permitting and other logistical needs that will always
give the exact determination on the start date. Our goal is always to arrange
with the client to start as soon as possible.


Question 13: Once started, How long will the job last?

Answer: Because every
job is different on size, style, needs, location and more, each job will have a
different schedule. Our goal is to always beat the projected milestone and
completion dates whenever possible.


Question 14: How experienced are BM Construction work

Answer: BM Construction
has crews with wide variety of experience. Our crews will typically have an
average experience from 10+ years on the low end. Each crew’s make up is a
little different in makeup and typically there are several crews on a site
performing different or same tasks. Their supervisors and foremen are always
selected by qualification and experience.


Question 15: How many men or crews can BM Construction call
upon at any time?

Answer: We have our own
crews on call that we can bring in within 24-72 hours. These crews represent
all of the needed trades of construction. Our individual contractor size can
grow up to 250 or more in size where necessary.


Question 16: What are your working hours?

Answer: ordinarily, it
is Monday through Friday, during standard business hours. Each job will present
different time schedule needs and deadlines. We are capable of rotating crews
to cover the whole of the 24 hours every day of the week where there is an
emergency work.


Question 17: What is your typical Commercial Construction
project size?

Answer: Our typical job
size is $500,000 to $7,000,000. We easily do jobs larger and smaller depending
on the circumstances.