Steel or Concrete superstructures

Unlike our competition, BM Construction is capable of the use of steel structures for any project. Concrete superstructures demands form-work and time for curing.Concrete still needs steel in the form of reinforcement for strength, an additional logistical load to the project. We are able to avoid all this and reduce cost and time of construction if steel is used. Most steel features are clean-cut and neatly finished from the factory, to be directly exposed, needing no extra treatment where preferred.

A lot of steel structures are intentionally exposed to utilize the aesthetic looks. Well finished and colourful structures can be very pleasing to the onlooker. This is very common with large halls as those seen in airports and train stations. Steel also allows architects to realize very delicate and difficult shapes not possible with concrete or other materials and yet maintain even higher structural safety margins. The strength of the material lends itself to shapes not possible with traditional concrete. Steel is a modern environmentally friendly, heat resistant and high-strength-to-weight construction material, with many times the strength of concrete and preferred for industrial and commercial structures.